Employee Remote Access

Whether working from home or accessing systems in the cloud or across the country…

ProStructure has deployed secure remote access capabilities for others, and can assist you as well.

With the surge in remote workers, the need to access data and systems remotely, working from home is not going away anytime soon.  The increased vulnerability and increase in attacks against remote working tools, you need a secure and realistic approach to dealing with this new trend.

Do you have existing firewall or other security infrastructure?

Let ProStructure help you understand the existing capabilities you have. We can determine if what you already have will meet your remote access requirements.

Do your employees need access to cloud resources and compute?

Let ProStructure help you implement a robust remote access solution.   Either asimple no-frills VPN, or a solution with robust end-point monitoring.

Do you need a new VPN solution to satisfy new or modified requirements?

If your business requirements changed or you need to upgrade your old VPN solution, then ProStructure can help implement a robust solution that meets your organization’s needs.

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