Do you need to submit a NIST-171 score?

Do you understand the DFARS requirements?

Do you have a System Security Plan in place?


NIST-171 scoring will define how well you are following the DFARS cybersecurity clause 252,204-7012.  If your organization deals with CUI, or Controlled Unclassified Information, you are required to be in compliance with the DFARS clause.

A NIST-171 SCORE is how you rate your protection and safeguarding of CUI.  This is the number you must submit to SPRS, along with any information about remediation plans.

ProStructure can help you submit your NIST-171 score within a week.

Among other items NIST-171 and DFARS 252,204-7012 also require:

  • A documented System Security Plan that details how you protect CUI
  • A documented description of where CUI is located
  • A documented plan to address anywhere you fall short of compliance

NIST-171 is aimed at ensuring your organization has a robust security program in place, and that you have documentation around it.  ProStructure can help you determine your NIST-171 score, as well as help you though the process of submitting that score and continuing on with your business.


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