Small Office Security Assessment

ProStructure has tailored our Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis methodology to fit the size and budgets of smaller offices.  Our consultants spend time on-site or remotely to interview your staff and review a critical subset of your systems.

We look for authentication errors, policies that are too permissive, and help you get a handle on how secure your environment is.  We look for ways you can be more secure, and we make sure you understand what you can do to increase security.

  • Active Directory Review:  We review the settings and configurations of your active directory server, and report on any security  or configuration settings that need attention, and audit the user, group, audit, and logging settings.
  • Internal Scans:  We scan internal systems to review for patch and antivirus compliance
  • External Vulnerability Scan:  We scan you from the Internet the way a hacker would in order to determine what services and openings are available to your office, and what vulnerabilities may exist that would allow an attacker to gain unauthorized entry.
  • Network Review:  We review your firewall configurations and network topology, and provide potential changes that would increase the security of your environment.
  • Remote Access Review:  We review your remote access methodology and configuration and report on any security issues that may exist.

ProStructure can also provide Phishing testing and campaigns to determine how susceptible you would be to phishing and ransomware attacks.

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