ProStructure Awarded Tualatin Valley Water District Vulnerability Assessment

Tualatin Valley Water District has taken a proactive position in the interest of information security by hiring ProStructure Consulting to perform a complete and through vulnerability assessment.

ProStructure Consulting will complete a comprehensive assessment of Tualatin Valley’s computing environment to pinpoint existing vulnerabilities and create strategies to reduce future susceptibility to attack. This is not the first engagement that ProStructure has participated in; prior to work with Tualatin Valley, ProStructure has performed security assessments for Government Agencies in Oregon and Washington as well as private companies in the Pacific Northwest.

ProStructure Consulting, Oregon’s Premier Security Consultancy, will perform a security and vulnerability assessment for Tualatin Valley Water District commencing December 2009.

ProStructure Consulting experts have over 30 years experience providing enterprise-level information security and network architecture.

We value individualized support and customized solutions; working within your environment to create interoperable systems and develop sustainable policies.