Continuance/Disaster Relief

ProStructure Consulting will help you mitigate outages and insure business continuance through an assessment and development of a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your technology environment.  Good Business Continuity planning will keep your company up and running in spite of interruptions and increase your ability to maintain services.

Business Continuity is a comprehensive assessment of your system environment.  Our methods help you develop a strategy to continue operations in spite of small events that create outages.  We help you create a contingency plan that identifies crucial systems and crafts a backup and recovery scheme.

Disaster Recovery helps your company recover from a catastrophic event or outage.  ProStructure Consulting will help you plan your technical approach in the case of an emergency and implement changes to your environment that will indemnify data loss.  We help you test your technical strategy and assess the feasibility of your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan.

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