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A brief history of WEP cracking

Posted by Irving Popovetsky on June 29th, 2009

Number of 802.11 packets required to crack WEP

2001 – 2004
5-10 million  (FMS attack)

2004 – 2007
500k (unique IVs) on average for 128-bit WEP  (Korek attack)

2007 – 2008
40k (ARP packets) using the PTW attack

2008 – Present
25k (replayed packets)  using the ARP replay and/or chopchop replay, with combined [...]

Error upgrading MOSS 2007 to Service Pack 1

Posted by Amber Pham on May 12th, 2009

Troubleshooting steps and resolution to error encountered when upgrading MOSS 2007 from RTM to Service Pack 1. Configuration of SharePoint Products and Technologies failed. The system cannot find the path specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0×80070003). Pre-Upgrade [SPSite Url...] failed.

Breathe new life into a bogged-down CoyotePoint Load Balancer with DSR

Posted by Irving Popovetsky on April 7th, 2009

Let me start by saying this:   I am not a fan of CoyotePoint load balancers.    My support experiences so far have all been atrocious.   The system architecture is a cheap imitation of F5’s BigIP architecture from a decade ago which constantly limits me.    I’m convinced that people only buy these things because they’re cheap.
I’ve been [...]

Lesson learned: High traffic Wordpress Site Operation

Posted by Irving Popovetsky on April 7th, 2009

I recently had the pleasure of helping out with a Wordpress blog which had gone supernova.   Within hours of being linked to from several major news sites,  the server couldn’t stay up for 10 minutes without something terrible happening.
Unfortunately, Wordpress isn’t setup for high performance operation out of the box.  Each page request is very [...]

Irving Popovetsky explains how to change the local Administrator account on all machines in a Windows Domain to a unique, strong password using VBscript scripting.

Hard drives: Magical, complex, and faulty.

Posted by Irving Popovetsky on July 7th, 2008

Research from Netapp, Google and CMU has shown that accepted ideas about hard drives and enterprise storage are wrong.

Adventures with Windows Server 2008

Posted by Amber Pham on June 13th, 2008

Early this year, I pulled the Windows Server 2008 Feature Components and Active Directory posters out of TechNet Magazine and hung them up over my desk. I then excitedly installed Windows Server 2008 on my test server using my TechNet subscription. I was eager to try out the many enhanced features of Microsoft’s new server [...]

Thinking about switching to Zimbra?

Posted by Irving Popovetsky on May 16th, 2008

Thinking about switching to Zimbra?
ProStructure’s Irving Popovetsky weights the pros and cons of Zimbra, after switching over his own company.