ProStructure Consulting is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its IV&V project for the Washington State Ferries Wireless High-Speed Data Network, and the publication of its full report on the website of the Federal Transit Authority!

Earlier this year, ProStructure completed a major IV&V (Independent Verification & Validation) project for the Washington State Ferries, a department of WSDOT, and the Federal Transit Authority, a department of USDOT.  The project focused on a new high speed ship-to-shore wireless network implemented on the Ferries system by contractor Mobilisa.

The full report is available here:

From the FTA research site:

I’m personally excited about the public release of this report for several reasons.   First and most importantly, we get to show the world the kind of truly first-rate work that we do.   Reports of this caliber are almost always locked away as “Highly Confidential” and never see the light of day.  Thanks to the FTA for ensuring that all of its research reports are made publicly available.

In addition to that, we get to show off some of the really innovate technology we put together for this project.  We built a monitoring platform for this project that was both weather hardened and security hardened.   Our locked, tamper evident, IP67 rated (waterproof) boxes were designed to be strapped to the side of the ferries like a flight recorder or “black box”,  continually running a suite of network tests against its twin unit located at the ferry terminal.

ProStructure's device aboard the Steilacoom II

Our yellow Test & Measurement Device aboard a WSF vessel

Irving Popovetsky aboard the Steilacoom II performing a final once-over of the unit before the test

Irving Popovetsky aboard the Steilacoom II performing a final once-over of the unit before the test

By utilizing the scientific method, we build and tested our hypotheses about the expected network performance.  We collected a great deal of addition information including radio statistics, GPS data and weather data.  Using this information we were able to understand how various external influences affected network performance.

For more details, check out the full report.

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